Tuesday, May 16, 2006

new look on BSAWA website

check out the new look of http://bsawa.cjb.net

The wesbite now includes a chatroom whereby it is like mIrC :). feel free to have a look

Monday, May 15, 2006


BSAWA will be having its general meeting on Saturday 20th May 2006 and is inviting all members (and non-members) to join in.

The meeting will be about discussing the aims and objectives of the association, ways to improve it, planning on the upcoming and the first formal event of Sultan's birthday and official launching in July/August etc.

Any queries about the association will be answered at its best by the comittee members.

Venue will be at Curtin (exact room will be TBA).

Please call 0416967655 or 0422845188 for further inqueries.

Thank you and on behalf of the comittee, looking forward to see you guys there.

Price Check

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Managing the family budget is like riding a roller-coaster - interest rates go up - tax rates go down - petrol prices go up and so it goes on and on., with prices, going up and up. Barry Urquet says “it seems to be that the treasure gives and the supermarket take away“

We're all feeling the pinch with the petrol prices and it's going to go right across the board but if you want to be healthy you've got to pay the price While the soaring price of petrol is easy to track - two years ago unleaded was 98cents a litre - yes remember that? today it's $1.34 .. but have you really noticed the slowly creeping prices at the supermarket check-out?

Today Tonight's price-check regularly survey's prices across Perth supermarkets - we've just checked them again and compared them to what you were paying two years ago .. the results are startling. Some basic items have skyrocketed by as much as 60% that's right! 60% - that shocker a bit later but first some good news - lets look at basic groceries - 10 everyday items.

Two years ago the average basket cost was $35.22 today you'll pay $36.66 not too bad just 3 % up but predictions are that's about to change.

Here's some examples of the price shift -

  • Cold power 1kg averaged $4.84 in 2004 today it's up 25% to 5.21

  • Heinz baked beans 420g averaged $1.24 in 2004 today $1.40 that's up 13%

  • A 6 pack of Bakewell pies was $6.79 now it's $7.48 that's up 10%

“price increases should be about 3% as reflected in pre-packaged dry grocery market when you're going into fresh food fresh wraps and fresh packs all of a sudden the increment goes into double digits and in some instances 60% increases”, says marketing expert Barry Urquet's right on the money when it came to our survey of fruit and vegetables.

The average basket cost has shot up by an incredible 31%

In 2004 it cost $ $15.78 today expect to pay on average $20.64

  • Navel Oranges had the biggest single rise at 60% from $2.91 a kilo two years ago to $4.65 today

Every item in the basket went up -

  • broccoli up 24%

  • Tomatoes up 50%

  • Avocado up 27%

Vegetable growers say we're still getting a good deal and despite spikes in demand prices have barely moved in 10 years.

Barry Urquet says “many growers of this merchandise will be saying but hold on it's not coming back to me, it's the retailers who seem to be getting the bigger profit margains”

The biggest shocker of all, thanks to cyclone Larry in Queensland, bananas - so dramatic was the rise we didn't include bananas in our basket average -and here's why - the cost has gone up by 317% - from an average of $2.98 in 2004 to $9.46 today

Lisa Baker says “it's creeping up each month probably each week in many respects but they're essentials so you tend to take it a little less seriously cos you know you've got to have it” For families on a budget price rises like this have to pinch - lisa baker from the w.a council of social services..”clearly if you've got a lot of money and doing well in our booming economy it's not going to worry you but if you are doing it tough at the moment it is going to make it harder to make ends meet“

The final basket in our survery was meat -

In 2004 it averaged $ 49.12 today it's up by 18% to $ 57.73

  • Two years ago lamb chops averaged $14.68 a kilo today they're up 21% to $17.87

  • T-bone steaks have gone up 21%

  • Skinless chicken breast up 12%.

Barry Urquet says “consumers are looking for two things convenience and healthy food consequently fresh food is a great appeal this does not necessarily represent good value“ So how do you beat the rise - here are the cheapest stores in our survey this time around

For our grocery items IGA Como came up cheapest it's basket price was $33.29 compared to the most expensive store at $36.99

For fruit and vegetables the cheapest store in this survey was Coles in Bicton with a basket price of $24.64 the most expensive basket was $35.93 more than $10 more - though with fruit and vegetables quality is hard to compare.

For meat the cheapest basket was at Dianella meats at $51.16 compared to the most expensive basket at $63.96 - again quality of meat is hard to compare in a price only survey.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Luanching new website

Hi guys,

Great news.... we are able to luanch our new wbesite. at BSAWA.cjb.net

check it out... :) Place your comment at our forum okies.....